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Do you ever look out your window, or up into the sky and become overwhelmed by the beauty and vastness of the blue above? Or become filled with wonder and awe at the sunlight sifting through the tree tops? Because I do. The golden tones filling the sky with the setting sun and the delicate pinks soaring high above when it rises. All of it is what makes me want to paint. Not to capture it, but to remember it - the feeling of wonder.

Midsummer is a mini series of landscapes in oil paint. Each painting is on a 5x7" canvas board so they can be easily framed and hung. Each painting is listed for $50, this is not including shipping, and I have a number of payment options set up (see below for the logistics). My hope is for these paintings to find homes where they can give joy and wonder, and give home a little personal touch.

The Logistics:

5x7" oil paint on canvas board.

$50.00 each (sold separately). If shipping is required an extra charge will be included.

Payment methods include Venmo, PayPal, Cash or Check (addition information provided upon purchase).

For inquiry please email or use the contact box provided in the footing.


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