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like a garden

If left alone to my own pondering I would live a content and happy life. People make me nervous. Going to new places often makes me anxious and being in social settings is draining. Set me in cottage somewhere tucked away in the trees or by the quiet sea side, or really anywhere undisturbed, and I could live a satisfied life. Maybe once or twice a week have coffee and cake on the front porch or walk around the garden with a close friend. There is nothing quite

like a long walk or creative expression to fill my cup. And yet, as an oxymoron to my own selfish desire to be left a hermit, nothing truly gives me life like time with a dear and cherished friend. So, not all people make me nervous.

They are the few individuals with whom the rest of the world stills when I am in their company. Regardless of time and place I can find myself laughing or crying without a second thought. No anxious thoughts. No weary small talk. No working to keep up with the other persons energy. These are people who ask thoughtful and personable questions with no agenda but to encourage. They are the ones who can see the good in you even when you don't. The ones who share in excitement and sit in the sadness.

The deepest relationships in my life have grown out of shared love and appreciation. Love for the sweetness and beauty and journey of life. Appreciation for the turmoil and humility and growth in life.

To those dearest and sweetest friends of mine, those closest to the heart, time stands still and joy increases in your presence. Fear melts away like an ice cream cone in the summer sun and dreams are stirred up like a bird to flight when you encourage. When you speak, truth and light and compassion fill heart. Your friendship gives me rest. Your presence is the gift of peace and belonging.

I believe this to be true, Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest council (Proverbs 27:9 ESV). In all of my days thus far I have never had a friend turn away because I came to them with something hard. Never have I left the company of a goof friend and been discouraged or told off. If anything I have gone on feeling lightened, comforted, and more capable then when I came. Life dose not become easier because of the this but I grow in understanding. Little by little I come to understand more of what love, and joy, and peace, and patients, and kindness, and gentleness, and self control are and how to build them up in myself.

Friendships are like a garden. You grow them, and you get out what you have put in.

My garden might be small, but boy am I thankful for it.


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