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summer seems to run

This summer has been full and bustling. Afternoons spent cooling off in the pool and sipping seltzers. Drives through the mountains surrounded by the rising clouds. Bouquets brimming with snapdragons and the reviving of my little spear-mint plant. Unexpected friend reunions mid a chicken sandwich lunch. Snuggles and giggles with the nephew. Candles lit and windows open while the evening thunderstorm rides through town. And yet, like the heavy winds carry grey clouds and their rains through the sky, troubles ride the winds of life. There is no hollow we can hide within, no river we can out run, or summit where we can stand over or run from our troubles. I often reminisce on singular fragments of time, most notably of wonder and dream like beauty. However, the whole of life is not shinny, and sunny, and dreamy. It can be heavy, and muggy, and sticky. There are so many days it feels like I'm stomping up stream in the rain with my boots flooded and my umbrella bent up. And often times I miss the subtle sweetness of life because I'm hung up on the inconveniences I see. Trudging through the mud of my mind, so focused on what I need to make right, what I haven't had a chance to do, those things I am afraid could happen. Only when I stop and take a survey of the days past do I then recognize the beauty and joy that lived there with me. And then I wonder why and how I missed it in the moment. How, in the midst of frustration and confusion did I pass up an invitation to breath? To enjoy? To dance in the rain and love life and all the preciousness of it? How many days have I wished away without even the slightest effort to embrace it? These are things I have been pondering as my summer seems to run away.

Cooler days are coming. I can smell it early in the mornings before the sky turns pink. I hope I don not forget to savor the preciousness of each day. Not to self indulge in, but to be content with what I have and enjoy it. When the days grown short and the gusto of go, go, go settles for a season, I hope to have found fulfillment in my days. To have worked hard when I am at work, and be committed to embracing my life. Not the life I hope for, or the life I think I will have when the dust settles. But, the life I have right now. To acknowledge the goodness within my today. Right now. Right here. Because my life will be full and bustling far beyond what my calendar can count. I just don't want to look back one day and realize I missed out on the life there where my feet were.


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