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catching up

Hello Friend,

I hope these past few months have treated you well. The days have certainly been flying by for me. I must say I have been devoted to hibernating this winter. With many a night wrapped in a blanket on the sofa working on a puzzle, filling the pages of a coloring book, or watching my favorite movies.

All in all a successful winter I'd say, that is, with the exception of the disappointing lack of snow fall. We had maybe three somewhat decent snow falls in South Eastern Pennsylvania. And I say somewhat decent because at least two of those barely lasted a day before succumbing to the rays of the midday sun. As disappointed as I am, I did manage to capture a sweet little snowflake on my backpack. I'll be sure to include the photo in my little montage. Despite my hermit like tendencies these past few months, I have managed to find some fun ways to spend my time. I made a handful of trips back home to visit with family and celebrate the holidays. Time with family is always time well spent to me. I had the joy of celebrating my very first Galentine's Day. Ladies, if you haven't yet, I highly recommend setting aside a night to celebrate friendship. And, yes, I know this can be done many ways, but it was such a treat to dress up, be chauffeured, and have a fun night out on the town with the girls! Heading out to the thrift shops has occupied many of my days off, as I am slowly adding to the mug collection. Plants have also wiggled their way into the living space. I was given a variety of cuttings which I am trying desperately to keep alive, as my history with propagating has been rather disastrous until late. On the bright side, it has given me a purpose for the many odd jars and bottles I've held on to these past few years. I don't feel like as much of a hoarder anymore having given my collection of vessels a purpose.

As the days grow longer I have been spending more and more time behind the easel. Recently, painting scenes for friends has been a particular treat. Being trusted to bring to life these moments in time is an honor. I enjoy hearing the stories behind the images and what they mean to the people I love. It's a vulnerable thing to do, on both sides. For the artist - In many ways art is a reflection of the one who made it, and can be precious because of this. For the client - Trusting someone with a time, place, or feeling which carries meaning that is personal and can be risky when you can not always guarantee it will turn out precisely the way you imagine it. Even as the artists it can be daunting when I think of these things as well. I want people to love the art I made for them. My desire is for the art I produce to bring joy and enrich the space of home. Along side commissions, I have been making a point to paint for myself. Time where I remove any expectations or restraints and simple make something beautiful. This practice has been a breath of fresh air and been instrumental in reigniting my love to create. Hopefully in the coming months I will be able to share more works with you!

With spring well on it's way I must admit I am becoming eager for the warmer weather activities. Hiking and camping are a must on my list this year. As well as learning to garden from pots on my patio, perfecting my sourdough, and hosting dinner parties!

I am looking forward to bringing you along on the many adventures to come. I do hope you stick around for the fun!


Abigail Joy


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