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well spent

These days it feels like I am seeing the world through a film camera. It might be a little grainy, but it is beaming with color. Even in the midst of a heat wave and long work days and the realization the sun doesn't rise so early any more I am still so thankful. I have enjoyed misty morning walks with the birds and the fawns. A simple evening sprawled out on blankets and sipping seltzers while swaying to music in the park. The breeze cruising in the passenger side of a golf cart on an overcast afternoon. The sweet surprise of stumbling upon a dreamy coffee shop in a quint sea side neighborhood. Hiking through the dunes to share figs and smiles by the water in the mid-day sun. Sea breezes at sunset and the feeling of wading into cool waves a midst a heavy sunshine. Cappuccinos and cut flowers, cut off jeans and neighborhood pubs. And everything is bright, and vivid, and beautiful. It might not always be seamless and fully focused and crystal clear, but I wouldn't want it any other way. A little smudged and sun burt. With wrinkles around our smiling eyes and full bellies and tired legs from days well spent.

always, abigail joy

p.s. new mini series of paintings will release later this month


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