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there, within the mundane

Some of the most special and tender moments in my life have unraveled amidst the most ordinary of days. Those little moments that shift my perspective and attitude. They swallow my fear and push me out beyond my well maintained boarder line. More often than not I am propelled into something far greater and fulfilling than what I had planned, exceeding my own expectations. One I can look back to and remember clearly is an evening in the summer of 2018 sitting at a dining table, eating cereal with the most genuine of friends - it was the moment I realized I was loved and enjoyed for who I was and not anything I did or could accomplish. And if that doesn't change your life, I don't know what will.

And so much like that moment, in all of its sweetness and subtlety I took a drive up to visit a friend in her charming green cottage. The afternoon was sunny, I had just eaten my lunch far too quickly - and later found a coffee stain on my t-shirt - and when I arrived we were both in our comfy-gettin'-work-done kind of clothes. In my back seat I had a cardboard box and inside of it was an oil painting. It was still wet to the touch as I had finished it only hours before because I was determined to be a woman of my word. Needless to say, nothing was glamorous. It was an ordinary day. The only thing not so ordinary about it was the painting in the box was made specifically for my friend, and I got to give it to her to have forever. We hugged several times and smiled at each other with joy in our hearts. I can't tell you how scared I was to create a painting for someone in my life. I was afraid that every time I would visit and catch sight of my hands work my inner critic would tear me a prat. That secretly they hated it or wish they had asked some one else. But, I can tell you it all disappeared when I saw it in it's frame and on the wall. It was like it had found its home. I don't know who was more excited - but I can tell you my capacity for dreaming and my ability to believe I was capable expanded. Because there, within the mundane, my world grew.


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