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there and back

Greetings, dear friends. I hope the holiday season was peaceful and filled with good food and pleasant company. This year was by far the wildest holiday season I have had. Two days before Christmas, Brian and I packed our bags and headed across the glob to Australia. We were there for my sisters wedding, but did manage to fit in a bunch of exploring. I consumed more fish and chips than I ever thought I would in two weeks. I tore through a bottle of sunscreen and still ended up frying my entire chest and face; the Australian sun is no joke. Up until then I had never seen ocean water so blue and bright and clear. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived in Hawaii to see equally as beautiful water. There, I spent much of my time on the beach soaking up the sun and floating about in the ocean. I think deep down I really am a beach bum. And yet, it has been so nice to be home again. To sleep in my own bed and make my own coffee every morning. To see snow! Going back to work maybe not as exciting, but I am thankful for everything I have and get to do. Being away from home for three weeks has enabled me to understand how many things I have that are not has important or valuable as I thought they were. I feel as thought I have a fresh perspective into the new year. I have never been more eager to declutter and reconnect. As fun as going away and seeing beautiful sights and eating amazing food and staying in lovely hotels is there is something truly magical about where home is. There is comfort in friends and favorite pubs. There is joy is sharing a meal together. There is nothing quite like resting in your own home after a long days work.

May this year be fuller than the ones before it and may we all come to love and appreciate where ever it is we call home.


Abigail Joy


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