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the scent of sweet tobacco

It has been a quick and peaceful walk through the month of September. Looking back it feels like not much happened. I bought some candles, made some bread, and enjoyed a bonfire with some lovely friends. As small as these things may feel I know they still hold significant value in my days. I took the time to scroll through, read and consider what candles I wanted to buy. Lighting a candle and sipping a warm drink is one of my rituals for winding down or relaxing in the cooler months. And thinking about what scents and smells I would want to enjoy after a long day or on a slow morning was important to me. As I sit here now, typing away, I have one lit and filling up the apartment with the scent of sweet tobacco (so far this is an all time favorite). Taking up the task of making bread has been a far more educational endeavor. I had no idea I would spend hours at a time reading and watching videos about sough dough and the variety of methods and recipes involved. I often refer to this time as my bread class. It has been the most rewarding and risky thing I have pushed myself to do in some time and it has been a blast. I highly recommend doing something for the first time, it might surprise you. Doing these small things for myself - like buying candles and making bread - has given me a healthy sense of fulfillment and I have found it allows me to savor the time I have with my friends better. And I deeply enjoy spending time with my friends. So, even if this month of September seemed to sneak past it did not leave me empty handed. If anything it has gone away having given me a deeper sense of self and more love for those in my life.


abigail joy


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