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midday haze

With the fridgid nights of winter creeping upon the Northeast, there was what felt as a prolonged midday haze fell over me. All good intentions of completing any progects and planning for the new year were bamboozled. A heafty illness hit me mid November and I became overcome with a fog perpetuating into my mind and sure enough rested itself in my bones. Many of my usual tasks and monthly projects found themselves not only in the back seat, but worse shoved under the back seat.

As I am feeling more myself this month there has been so much still to catch up on - Planning a much anticipated vacation, celebrating the holidays, and doing my best to make birthdays feel special. All things I find deeply valuable and important.

I do not have much more to say other than I missed being able to write and share last month. November is close to my heart for a many reasons and I look forward to sharing those joys in the future.

For now, let us lean into the rest winter can bring us and continue to learn to roll with the punches, taking breaks even when they don't come when we've planned them to. Not everything goes to plan and it is alright. A midday haze does not last all day, neither do our unconvinces.

I hope, dear reader, you find joy in this season and experience bountiful blessings.


Abigail Joy


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