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could be classified as clutter...

Looking around my home these past two months I have come to the conclusion I am a collector. A collector of memories and people and places. Underneath my bed I have an undisclosed number of boxes with trinkets and notes and scraps I have been holding to which I call my sentimentals. Each little item carries a fondness. As an individual who feels emotions in a big way it can often be bittersweet when I pull out my treasure troves. Bringing up a great heap of good, sweet memories of days past and friendships that may no longer be what they were, but were pure and cherished. Nevertheless, I enjoy my little trip down memory lane each time.

These past two months, on returning from a lengthy vacation, my eyes have been widened to the realization that my collection has grown beyond the boxes. I have articles of clothing I never wear, mugs and plates, picture frames, blankets, and many jars. Just things I rarely use, and probably don't have a use for, but when it faced with it I can't part with. I spent three weeks glob trotting and didn't once think about the next time I was going to use my use my handmade Italian tea set. [full disclosure, I am anxiously looking forward to the day I can use that tea set] The point is I have so much stuff I never use. Or even think about. So why do I still have it all? As a sentimental person I realize it is easy for me to attach a connection to a person or event with an inanimate object. And as someone who feels emotions in a big way, letting go of personally significant things can be difficult.

When looking forward and setting goals for this new year I wanted to simplify, meaning I knew I needed to pair down. To eliminate the clutter in my life. It wasn't until I started diving into the many objects in my habitation did I realize the depth of connection I created to the stuff I owned. Some of it I have found necessary. Like the pink beach towel from my Grandma is useful when I am behind on laundry - not to mention it is the perfect size for picnics. Sentimental and practical! The four pretty botanical plates I found at a thrift store I have zero need for and have never used, those I believe would be classified as clutter. So I have begun to dig into why I bought the item and why in the world I still have it. Dose this serve the life I am striving for? This question has been a pivotal for me. I have been able to part with items I would have otherwise found a way to justify keeping. Through this process I have been able to find healthy and practical ways to keep my memories. My favorite so far is a scrapbook. It is simple way of allowing me to have beautiful and accessible place to condense my sentimental bits and pieces, no longer tucked away in the corner. But, out where I can enjoy them daily! It has also provided me with a lovely alternative to doom scrolling on social media.

I will always be a sentimental creature, this is just me doing what I can today to build the simpler and richer life I am striving towards.


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